GGSC Listserv

Fall 2008

Dear Gallup Graduate Studies Center Students:

The WNMU – GGSC has started a listserv to expedite the sharing of information with our students. The listserv will be the primary method WNMU-GGSC uses to communicate news and information about the university. We strongly recommend that all students subscribe to the listserv, so you do not miss important university announcements.

Subscription to the GGSC listserv is quite easy. There are 3 steps involved:
1. Open a new e-mail message and set the recipient to ""
2. In the body of the message type the following:
Subscribe ggsc
3.Send the message

Some things to keep in mind about the GGSC listserv:

When you reply to a message from the listserv, the reply is sent to the sender only, not the entire list. This is to protect privacy as well as the amount of e-mails you would receive from the list.

You may only sign up to the listserv from the e-mail account you are sending the subscription e-mail from. This means you cannot sign up an e-mail address you’re not sending from, and vice versa.

Only approved faculty and staff members may send out message to the entire list. This, protects privacy and also allows only the most pertinent information to reach you. If you have something to post you must get approval from one of the following people:
Clorinda Harrison: ( (505) 722-3389, ext. 18
Dr. Pat Maguire: ( (505) 722-3399, ext. 13

Should you need further instruction on how to sign up, or if you are having troubles signing up to the listserv: please feel free to contact Ervin Tsosie at ( at the WNMU-GGSC office at (505) 722-3389, ext. 17.