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Statement of Interest

Western New Mexico University - Gallup

Statement of Interest in WNMU - Gallup Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program

Due with Admissions Packet

Dear PCCF Applicant:

To help us get an understanding of the fit between your unique needs and the Western New Mexico University-Gallup, Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow Program (WNMU-Gallup PCCF), please respond to the following question. Submit your response (in a .doc or .docx file) with your admissions packet.


What in particular interests you about the WNMU-Gallup Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program?

We want you to give us a sense of why you are applying to this particular program and how the WNMU-Gallup program meshes with your unique needs, interests, strengths, and hopes.


The Statement of Interest letter is available in the following formats:
Word - Click Here to open or save the document in Word 97-2003 format...
PDF - Click Here to open the document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format...