The Mexicans have influenced the Gallup Region in many ways including transportation, mining, and craft. In 1880, David L. Gallup, paymaster for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad established headquarters along the projected right of way for the southern transcontinental route. Mexicans, along with Europeans and Asians came to Gallup to assist in building the railroad. Many of these workers stayed on to mine coal. For the first half of the twentieth century, the coal mining in the region largely supported the economy of emerging Gallup.

Another great influence of the Mexican residents of the Gallup area has been their silversmith abilities and styles. John Lorenzo Hubbell constantly promoted excellence in crafts-manship and design. He encouraged his partner C.N. Cotton to bring Mexican silversmiths to the Gallup area to teach the craft to the men of the area. Before this action, the demand for silverwork, especially Navajo silverwork was insignificant.


Mexican Restaurants
Don Diego’s (505) 722-5517
Maria’s (505) 722-6135
Panz Alegra (505) 722-7229
Jerry’s Café (505) 722-6557
Virgie’s Restaurant (505) 863--5152

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Lesson Plan: Mexican Culture in Gallup, NM

Technology Used Task
Multi Media CD-ROM Student will learn beginning Spanish through the use of Multimedia Software. Spanish for beginners software can be found at
Power Point Students will create a power point presentation on a Gallup resident who identifies with Mexican culture. Students can search for a person through the Internet site . Students will be expected to create six slides that focus on: Mexican food, history, language, schools, and art
People and places to contact - Student will call Gallup Historical Society for information on Mexican people throughout Gallup History. Phone: 505-863-1363
- Students will contact Museum of New Mexico History Library for Mexican History in New Mexico. 505-827-6470.
- Students will interview a Spanish Speaking Gallup of Mexican decent resident about their culture and experience in Gallup. They will use to find Spanish Speaking people in Gallup.

Powerpoint™ Demographic breakdown of Gallup population by race with accompanying images related to each culture
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Excel™ Use computer to generate graph of population breakdown from table used in Powerpoint lesson


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