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MAT Special Education

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education. In the state of New Mexico, the teaching license for special educators is a generalist license, covering Pre-K through 12th grade. Our program is designed to meet that wide spectrum of teaching placements as well as providing general information on the history of the field, the legal entities in special education, the non teaching aspects of facilitating IEP development, supervising para-educators as well as understanding the basic characteristics and learning strategies for diverse exceptionalities. Our courses provide a strong mix of understanding and analyzing the theoretical framing for the field of special education with practical strategies for teaching and working in the field. Our courses are a mix of lecture, hands on activities and modeling of strategies. We provide onsite observations throughout the program to provide feedback and opportunities for dialogue around teaching pedagogy. We offer two strands in the MAT program: one for students with an undergraduate degree in an educational field and one for students without an educational background.

Introduction and Program Overview Letter

  • Program Faculty
  • Martha Gomez
    Assistant Professor of Special Education
    Campus Phone: 505-722-3389
    Email: gomezm3@wnmu.edu

  • Admission Process & Requirements

  • Admission to the Special Education Graduate Teaching Program is a two step process. You must first apply for admission to the Graduate School of WNMU, citing the Gallup Campus. Once you are admitted to the University Graduate Programs, you will need to complete the application for admission to your specific program of study: College of Education, Special Education. The forms for that are included below but are typically completed and processed during the entry level course: SPED 508 Introduction to the Exceptional Child.

    Application Checklist

  • Degree Plan

  • Program Outcomes & Competencies