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   WNMU-Gallup Writing Center

The Writing Center staff is available to help students with various aspects of graduate level writing: brainstorming, researching, drafting, and adhering to all aspects of the APA guidelines. As we help students with writing, Writing Center instructors are happy to identify and correct problems with grammar and spelling; however, the Writing Center is not a proofreading service.

LAB HOURS: Mons.(11am-1pm), Tues.(5-9pm), Weds.(5-9pm), Thurs (11am-1:30pm)
Also available on Saturdays by request only. Please make an appointment at the front desk, Phone:505-722-3389, or feel free to walk in if no one is being tutored.

Stacey Hollebeek: Instructor

Kari Heil: Instructor

WNMU-Gallup Writing Lab Resources

  • APA Basics
       APA Basics in MS PowerPoint
       APA writing sample in MS WORD 03
       APA FAQ's

  • First Search Instructions
       Database access instructions

  • Online Writing Resources
       Smarthinking eTutoring