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  Gallup Computer Lab

The WNMU campus is host to multiple open computer labs and some specialized labs. These labs are available to students, faculty and staff of WNMU. Each lab on campus contains much of the same software to encourage students to work at their most convenient location. Faculty members can reserve labs for use and students can reserve workstations. Projection systems are available and assistance is always provided. Windows and Macintosh computers are available as well as peripherals such as scanners, digital cameras, CD-RWs, and DVD players; inkjet, photo-quality inkjet, and color and black and white laser printers are also available. All labs have full Internet access.

LAB HOURS: Monday thru Thursday (9am - 9pm)
OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday (12:30pm - 9pm)
Contact Phone: 505-722-3389 x-17
Contact E-Mail: Gallup Computer Lab


Printing services at the Gallup computer Lab is available thru EnvisioWare "pay as you print" system.The LPT:One-Print Cost Management system enables the Computer Lab users to print at their convenience. The system utilizes a EnvisionWare card system that allows credit can be accumlated or added at any time.The cost to print is 9 cents a page.

  Computer Lab Resources/Links

  • How To: Quick Tips

    Screen Shots

    BANNER connection set up

    Network Printer install

    Printer Test: Network/Local

    PDF Conversion

  • Canvas

    Canvas Support

  • MINI TAB 15

    Mini Tab 15 instructions

    Meet Minitab

    Minitab Help

    Minitab Statguide


  • RealeWriter

    Download Realewriter

  • Adobe Products


    Download ADOBE FLASH


  • WinZip

    Download WINZIP Trial

  • Apple Quicktime

    Download QUICKTIME

      Available Equipment

  • Epson Media Screen Projector (5)
       Users Guide in PDF

  • Sony DVR Recorder (2)
       Users Guide in PDF

  • Sony Hi-8 Video Camcorder(2)

  • Sony Mavica CD Camera(1)

  • Sony Dictator/Transcriber Microcassette Recorder(1)
       Users Guide in PDF

  • RCA Digital Voice Recorder (4)
       Users Guide in PDF

  • Kodak Z720 Digital Camera (1)
       Users Guide in PDF