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WNMU-Gallup Overview and History

All WNMU-Gallup programs embody the WNMU School of Education mission to ignite and nurture a spirit of learning in both teachers and students. WNMU-Gallup offers a student friendly atmosphere, personalized academic advisement, rigorous courses which purposefully blend theory and practice, on-site supervision in internships and practicums, affordable tuition, and knowledgeable faculty at the cutting edge of their respective fields. To meet the needs of working adults, the center offers classes at night or on weekends during periods aligned with area school districts' schedules. During the summer there are also daytime classes scheduled.

The Center offers complete masters degree programs in special education, elementary and secondary education, educational leadership, and counseling. In addition, the WNMU-Gallup offers TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Bilingual endorsements with a masters degree in secondary or elementary education. The center offers Alternative Licensure programs in Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education. In addition the Center offer the Bachelors of Social Work upper division program and the complete graduate School Psychology Licensure Program. The Center's newest program is an Interdisciplinary masters degree with options to combine education, English or History courses in a combined face-to-face (f2f) and on-line format. Many programs have web-based components and courses and thoughtfully integrate technology.

As part of the WNMU Extended University, WNMU-Gallup was developed in 1984, initially in response to requests from the Gallup McKinley County School District for a university to offer graduate and professional development courses for area teachers, administrators, and special educators. The story of the development of the WNMU-Gallup resonates with people who understand the importance of institutions of higher education responding to locally voiced needs with relevant and rigorous programs that build on area strengths.

The WNMU-Gallup now serves a range of school districts in a 100-mile radius, including many schools on the Navajo Nation, Pueblo of Zuni Public Schools, and Bureau of Indian Education schools. The center also addresses the education needs of the mental health community. In addition to the masters in counseling, the center offers the Bachelor of Social Work upper division program and the complete graduate level School Psychology Licensure Program.